Top Summer Vacation Spots in Europe

As you all know, I love travelling and I find Europe to be one of the most beautiful continents to explore the beauty of nature. Europe does not only have an astounding heritage, it also leads the world in terms of art, music, architecture, and even fashion. It is one of every traveler’s destination lists due to its wide range of exciting sights, people, and parties. Here are some of its top summer vacation spots, in no particular order.

Great Yarmouth, England

Great Yarmouth in England is one of the preferred summer destinations of families and solo voyager. You will love the endless attractions and activities that this town has in store. Taking a boat ride along the Norfolk Broads is a must do while you are here. And during the summer, a night filled with music entertainment will be highlighted with an extravagant fireworks display. Best viewing areas are anywhere along the seafront Esplanade, along Britannia or Wellington Pier are perfect spots. It will be ongoing for six weeks of July until August.

Great Yarmouth is one of the preferred summer destinations

The Cala Goloritze Beach

The Cala Goloritze Beach is located in Baunei on the east coast of the Island of Sardinia in Italy. It is surrounded by astonishing limestone walls and crystal clear blue green shallow waters, making it one of the top five European beaches for free climbing, snorkeling, diving, trekking, and bird watching.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Belgium is for the romantic traveler. You will find the well-known Het Steen Fortress and the stunning River Scheldt where you can take pleasure in a romantic dinner cruise. Nightlife is really dynamic. Bars and restaurants play live music outdoors during the summer. Shoppers can also have their bargain on the flea-markets during weekends.