The Virgin Islands – A Sailing Experience

The British and US Virgin Islands are an amazing tropical paradise that many Europeans overlook because of how easily we can get to our own paradises that are scattered all across Europe; including  places we love like New Zealand and the Greek Islands, and so much more.

Crossing the Atlantic on a Yacht

But after one sailing experience that took me there, I think it’s worth giving it some attention! Bring your passport and make sure to hit both sets of islands.  Trust me when I say one thing, this journey will be one of the most powerful sailing experiences of your life. You must leave in the winter season, to embark on this 4300 mile journey.

You will be downwind and even though most believe this not to be true, the majority of boats making this crossing are yachts with standard production kits. Very few changes needed to make this journey, in fact according to which gives 15 amazing tips to help you it’s the Biscay that will be the most difficult part of the journey.

Sailing to the British Virgin Islands


Once you reach this paradise you’ll be living the dream and reaping the fruits of that voyage.  Road Town is the capital of Tortolla, probably the most popular British Virgin Island.  This set of islands was formed by volcanoes creating an archipelago in the Caribbean and the four main islands are part of a territory Britain overseas.  You must not miss what they call The Baths at Virgin Gorda and take time to enjoy yourself on some of the whitest sandy beaches in the world. The fish are as a bright and diverse as anywhere, and the turquoise waters are a sight to behold.


Tortola British Virgin Island View




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