Top 10 spots for snorkeling

Snorkeling is fun

Snorkeling is a fun sport, and does not require much of equipment. You just need to have a snorkel which is a hollow plastic tube, a mask and fins. Equipped with these you can enjoy the unseen world under water. The plastic tube remains above water and lets you breathe. You just need to know how to swim and have a basic training of breathing through the snorkel and you are good to go.

However without a spot for snorkeling all equipment is of no use. Today we will try to enlist 10 Top Spots to snorkel and enjoy the flora and fauna under water.

  • Lover’s Cove Catalina Island – The spot off the coast of Catalina Island near California is a snorkeling paradise. The spot has rock reef and kelp forest and home to many species of fish and Mollusca. The brilliant orange Garibaldi fish is the attraction here. The best time to go here is during summers when the water is warm and best for snorkeling.
  • Manchones reef, Mexico – It is a 12 kilometer long unique ecosystem filled with thousands of species of plants and animals. The clear azure blue waters are almost transparent. The species available here for you to see are unique to this reef only. Just drop in and enjoy snorkeling along with amazing Mayan culture.
  • Bimini Islands, Bahamas – The changing color of water from cobalt to aqua blue is unique to this place. Another attraction is the plentiful dolphins in these waters. You can take a boat ride and then go snorkeling with dolphins. The more you swim with them the more you will enjoy their company. Snorkeling is really enjoyable due to these creatures very friendly with us humans. You can go anytime during the year and experience the warm and serene Caribbean Sea.
  • Sipadan Island, Malaysia – This is a protected island not open to visitors. Visit here requires permit, and is a quiet spot away from the tourist crowds. Running for getting the permit is worth the hassle, as the marine habitat is home to over 3000 species of fish. The island being at heart of Indo-Pacific basin is rich with marine life. If you want to snorkel in a place with peace and also observe marine life this is the place for you.
  • Belize’s barrier reef – Explore the coral gardens while snorkeling in this small but rich spot. You can see the turtle in its natural habitat and also swarms of tropical fishes. But you need to be aware that the waters also have the sting rays which can hurt and even kill you.
  • New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea – New species are still being discovered in the shallow waters surrounding the island. The water is almost transparent with a greenish tinge. Snorkel in these waters and watch the unique spiny devil-fish, jewel fish and many unique and beautiful marine creatures.
  • Rurutu, Tahiti – It is the spot where humpback whales come for breeding during August to October. The water here is crystal clear and sometimes you will feel you are not in water. It is perfectly safe to swim near these gentle giants of sea.
  • Bligh Water, Fiji – One of the most beautiful reefs in the world is here. The region is known as Bligh Waters and is home to many multi colored invertebrates and soft corals. The current here is sometimes strong so god swimming skills might be essential for snorkeling in these sparkling waters.
  • Big Island, Hawaii – Just come to Kahului Beach Park and snorkel with the sea turtles. The green sea turtles are a tourist attraction. The abundant green algae on which turtles feed, draws them to this place and you can watch them feed.
  • Bay Islands, Honduras – Snorkel and swim with the whale shark. They are 40 feet long animal which is harmless. Yes it is true the whale shark feeds only on plankton and small marine life.

Make sure to visit these amazing snorkeling spots spread across the world and become addicted to this fun activity. You can start with learning to swim.


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